Privacy and personal data protection policy

Before you create a Profile and become a user of the private platform per·pet·u·al (hereafter, the "Service"), property of PERPETUAL SOFTWARE, S.L. (hereafter, "PERPETUAL"), you must read this Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy (hereafter, “Privacy Policy”) and accept it by checking the box on the PERPETUAL registration form or through other equivalent means that may be established.

Our Privacy Policy affects all the personal information you give us when creating an account and all the information you provide when you access any of the services available on PERPETUAL’s private platform throughout the time you have a Profile.

The information that you give to PERPETUAL is stored in our files, which are registered with the Spanish Data Protection Agency (hereafter, “AEPD”). The AEPD works to make sure Spanish & European laws about privacy and data protection are followed, and that your personal information is safe and private.

PERPETUAL collects and processes your information to identify you as a user of the Service, and to give you access to the services, features, and mobile applications that we make available to you. Before using any new service or feature on PERPETUAL’s private platform, remember to read the specific section related to that service or feature in our Terms of Use; there, you will see if and how we use your information for each service or feature.

When you check the box on the registration form, you are also giving your express consent to receive information from PERPETUAL by means of the private platform per·pet·u·al, messages sent to your email account, SMS messages, MMS messages or calls to your mobile phone, or mail by post. This information may include changes and updates related to PERPETUAL such as activities, products, services, offers, special promotions, etc., related to the Internet, information technology, and telecommunication sectors. This information may be segmented based on the information you give us (age, location, gender, etc.) with the goal of giving you personalized service and relevant information.

Remember that at any time you can refuse PERPETUAL the right to send commercial and promotional communications, including by electronic means, by writing to

When using the Service, you will see information, promotions, and offers from third-party companies that PERPETUAL collaborates with. You will also be able to access sponsored events. These events are activities sponsored by PERPETUAL and/or third-party companies, which we make available for your participation.

PERPETUAL works very hard to keep your information safe and private. We put a variety of security measures and technical tools in place to try and make sure your information is never lost, misused, or accessed without your authorization.

As a user of the Service, you have the right to access your personal information, to know how and why we use it, and to tell us if you do not want us to use your information in specific ways. You can also correct any errors in your information if you find it to be incorrect or inaccurate, and you can ask us to delete your information if you want to stop using PERPETUAL’s private platform.

You can contact PERPETUAL at for any of these purposes. Before we can do any of these things, you will need to send us a copy of your official identification document (DNI, NIE, or passport) so that we can verify the identity of the person contacting us.

User and profiles

To become a user of the private platform PERPETUAL, you must download and configure the mobile application through one of the secure alternative options established by PERPETUAL or through an invitation received in your email and/or mobile phone from a friend or contact that is already a PERPETUAL user.

Once you have downloaded and configured your account you must complete a verification process established on our application, hosted under por mobile software and internet servers.

You also have the option to voluntary give PERPETUAL more information about you, including your photo, address, telephones, emails, etc.

This information will be available to you and you will be able to modify it within your Profile.

Having a Profile in the private network PERPETUAL means that you must accurately represent yourself at all times and that you cannot impersonate another person or entity. You must take full responsibility, and must enter real, truthful, and up-to-date contact information. PERPETUAL works to verify the accuracy of your information, and we reserve the right, without prejudice to further actions, to refuse your registration or to delete your Profile if we discover that the information provided is false or incomplete. The accuracy of the information on your Profile is essential to using the Service. Likewise, we reserve the right, as a private platform, to deny admission or unilaterally delete any Profile that we believe to be inappropriate due to the content and its relation to the Service.

Upon registering in the private network PERPETUAL, you have a Profile in which you publish and share your real, personal and profesional contact information as you wish and with whom you wish. Personal and profesional contact information will be shared throughout the Service and your connections and contacts mobile phones based on the privacy options you choose and over which you have exclusive control.

You are responsible for controlling your personal information at all times. To that end, we recommend that you are very careful when choosing which personal information you publish and with whom you share it. As a user of the Service, you must inform PERPETUAL about any changes in the accuracy of the information you have provided us. You can change your personal information by going to the Configuration option on your mobile application.

Minimum age to have a profile

It is important that you understand that access to the Service is PROHIBITED to users below the age of 14 who do not have the obligatory parental authorization. Thus, by accepting our Privacy Policy, you assure that you are above 14 years of age, and if you are not, you have the aforementioned authorization of your parents or legal guardian to use PERPETUAL, and are fully responsible for this declaration.

PERPETUAL can contact you at any time and require proof of age in the form of a photocopy of your official identity documentation. If you do not provide us the requested documentation within the stated time period, PERPETUAL reserves the right to deactivate or delete your Profile.

The information contained within the document of identification provided to us by the user will be used exclusively by authorized PERPETUAL personnel for the single objective of identification and verification of the information submitted and will, under no circumstances, be stored or used for any other purpose.

If you are between the ages of 14 and 18, we recommend that you inform your parents or legal guardians before sharing information with other users that you are in contact with through the Service.

If we are made aware that someone younger than 14 years of age is registered as a user in the Service, we will take the necessary measures to verify whether or not the have parental authorization, and we may block and/or delete the user’s Profile.

Notwithstanding the aforementioned, and in compliance with applicable law, PERPETUAL may make exceptions and allow persons under 14 years of age to register in the private platform PERPETUAL, if and only when PERPETUAL receives adequate parental authorization signed by the father, mother, and/or legal guardian of the minor that would like to register and access the Service, along with all necessary documentation for verifying the authenticity and validity of the authorization—for example, a copy of the official valid ID of the father, mother, and/or legal guardian, proof of parental relationship (birth certificate, “Libro de Familia” or equivalent), along with a copy of the official valid ID of the minor, if one exists.

If you become aware of any abuse or violation of these Terms of Use, in particular those related to minors, we request that you report it to us immediately using the this contact form also available in the “Privacy” section on the PERPETUAL website.

Content and personal information

All your personal and/or profesional information, your Profile picture or other types of information on your Profile, are subject to PERPETUAL’s Terms of Use.

PERPETUAL does not control the information that you share with other users and, therefore, is not responsible for that information. Nevertheless, if you are aware of any information or content in the private platform PERPETUAL that may be inappropriate or in violation of our Privacy Policy and/or Terms of Use, please contact us at

Unregistering from the service

You can temporarily deactivate or permanently delete your Profile on the PERPETUAL mobile application by following these steps:

  • To temporarily deactivate your account on the private platform PERPETUAL, you can find this in the Account Options in the mobile application.
  • To permanently delete your account on the private platform PERPETUAL, you can find this in the Account Options in the mobile application.
  • You can contact us at


For the technical management of your access and use of the Service after registration, PERPETUAL must use cookies while you browse our website. Inasmuch, it is absolutely necessary that cookies are permitted by your Internet browser to use the various services and features available on the private social platform PERPETUALL.

As you know, cookies are small data files which are stored in your computer as a registered user of the Service, and that contain certain information about your visits to the PERPETUAL website.

PERPETUAL uses cookies for the purpose of making it easier for you to browse the website. Concretely, these cookies allow PERPETUAL to identify you as a registered user of the Service each time you access said Service, allowing the access and use of the sections, services, features, and/or promotions made available specifically for that group of individuals on our website.

Cookies cannot be associated in any way to your personal information, nor can they be used to identify you. Moreover, every user has the option to deactivate cookies at any time through the configuration of your Internet browser’s settings.

In case of any questions and to learn more about the use of cookies, we recommend that you check the options available in the Internet browser you use to access the private platform PREPETUAL—for example, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, etc.

Corporate information

PERPETUAL SOFTWARE, S.L. (hereafter, PERPETUAL) is a trading company whose registered address is: Avda. Universidades 24, 4ª planta del Edificio de Ingeniería de la Universidad de Deusto, 48007, Bilbao (España); and with phone number: +34 94 476 28 77.

PERPETUAL is registered with the Trading Company Registry in Bilbao, Spain.

© PERPETUAL, 2014.