We keep your phonebook contacts perpetually updated.

Did you know that approximately 30% of your contacts change their contact details (mobile, phone, email, address) every year?

Perpetuall warns you of those changes and automatically updates your smartphone.

And If you ever change your contact details, you can use Perpetuall app to update all your contact's phonebooks automatically.

Your phonebook will never be outdated again!

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A new solution to an old problem

The power of people

Once you download Perpetuall you're responsible for having your personal data up to date. If someday you update your contact details, all your friends' phonebooks will be automatically updated. And if your contacts change their contacts details, Perpetuall will update your phonebook.

A new approach based on the power of crowdsourcing, that solves the old problem of outdated address books.

A simple approach to a solve complex problem.
We call it the power of people.